NIT, Durgapur Celebrates Software Freedom Day

This year 20th September happens to be the Software Freedom Day, one of the most important day in software calander. For those unaware, let me briefly tell you the importance of this day.
Software Freedom Day(SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of free/open-source software. SFD is a public education effort, not only to celebrate the virtues of free/open-source software, but also to encourage its use, to the benefit of the public.[1]
Software Freedom Day was established in 2004 and was first observed on August 28, 2004 when over 70 teams participated. Since that time it has grown in popularity as more than 300 teams from over 60 countries celebrated on the second SFD, held on September 10, 2005. The primary sponsor for 2005-2006 was Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu, a GNU/Linux distribution.[1]
We too celebrated the Software Freedom Day in NIT, Durgapur. It was a celebration marked by the installation of GNU/Linux and bringing awareness among students. It was Computer Science Lab that was going free and open this time.
At 10 AM we gathered at the Computer Science Lab. We began the celebration by showing a happy birthday video from comedian Stephan Fry, as this year happens to be the 25th anniversary of GNU. This is one must watch video. Then followed a short and interesting presentation on FLOSS/OSS which was given by Biswas Parajuli and Raj Agrawal. The basic purpose of the presentation was to bring awareness among novice.
Then came the practical implementation of all these, Installation. We decided to install a lightweight distro Fluxbuntu. The responsibility of installation was shared among all present there, especially Sushil Pandey and Vignesh Prabhu. I would love to share some of the pictures which were captured during the celebrations.
While preparing for the slides i came across some really interesting sites which i would like to share with you.
Richard Stallman Talks about GNU’s 25th Anniversary
Why Open Source Software?


1. ^ Software Freedom Day


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