Various forms of protest around the World

Protest in Brussels

Protesters in Brussels have found a new way to show their displeasure: squirting milk straight from a cow at riot police. Farmers angered by collapsing milk prices demonstrated, pelting police with bottles and chickens and spraying officers with milk directly from a cow’s udders. Over 2,500 farmers from across the EU blockaded the area outside the European Union’s headquarters, burning tires and hay outside an emergency meeting of farm ministers. The jittery cow, frightened by firecrackers, sprang loose and chased an office worker down the street.

Opposing Marriage in Egypt

A 25-year-old laborer from the village of Sheikh Eissa in southern Egypt cut off his own penis on Sunday in protest at his parents’ choice of bride. The man, who had also mutilated his testicles, was taken to hospital in stable condition. He was in love with a woman but his parents rejected her and told him to marry another woman he didn’t want. He took a knife and cut off his penis in his room. Doctors were unable to reattach the severed member.

beautiful ladies in green

Animal rights activist wearing lettuce and cabbages instead of cloths to promote vegetarianism in Manila. Beautiful ladies in green.

timer baron protest in Jakarta

Indonesian timber baron has walked away from illegal logging charges, prompting an outcry from environmentalists. The release of Adelin Lis undermines moves by Indonesia for the United Nations climate change conference in Bali to back a multi-billion-dollar program to prevent deforestation. Teenagers protest by coloring their body green and and wrapping themselves in leaves and twigs.

Chineese Terracotta eco-warrior

An eco-protester breached security at the British Museum to put face masks on exhibits from the Chinese Terracotta Army.The man jumped barriers to place the masks bearing the slogan “CO2 emission polluter” on two of the life-sized figures to highlight China’s poor pollution record.

school boy duct taping oneself

Connecticut eighth grader Patrick Abbazia attended classes wrapped in duct tape to protest his East Shore Midddle School’s “no touching” policy. East Shore principal Catherine Williams had sent home a letter telling parents that “physical contact is prohibited to keep all students safe in the learning environment.” The announcement was prompted by an incident in which a student required medical attention after being kicked in the groin, but the letter specifically banned “hugging” and “horseplay” as well. Williams said she was “only concerned about unsafe behaviors,” but Abbazia claimed teachers had told him that high-fives and pats on the back were out of bounds as well.


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